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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today, i don't know...I juz want to write this blog in English. Sorry maybe my English is not really good..but I'm try my best..

I juz want to share with u..some people act like an animal..."she" ( i used she in order to hide her name) always thinks that she's great!! I don't care.....!!!

She looked at me like a wasp!! WASP!!!!!! What i did?? I think I did not do anything wrong... I just to my best to accomplished my job!!!!

She spoke to me like *(^%*%^ !!! Arggggh!!!! I don't care...did she think she's great like a queen!!! Hahaha....

As long I know my job. I know my status..I'm not permanent here...anytime i will be kicked!!

So for "she"...!!! and me are same!! If you think you right, I also have feeling and have my own right!!!


FendyHekka said...

errmmmm.... ooo.... ko laser je...

- j o h a r i - said...

she is "she"..normal la tu. ade pasang surutnya..