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Saturday, December 05, 2009

My lovely books

I love reading...recently, i just want to read non-fic book. Why?? I don't know, maybe non-fic can give me roughly idea about life..hehehe. Novel?? No lah..i still read novels. My fav novel..ayat-ayat cinta...hehehe..

Here I show you my books...this one of my fav books.

Written by Zamri Mohd...(not zamrie musa..hehe), this book showed us about how to the best writer. It also give us some tips and reference about dealing with the publisher, making paper work, points, and writing skill. If you want to be a good writer, he suggest us to make a blog. Blog is a starter for us to be good writer. Remember..a good writer is not a good speaker? hehehe..i gladly agreed with this stats...hehehe

My second book...if you love teaching and want to earn more money,, here i suggest you to read this book " Menjadi cikgu tuisyen berjaya". Really awesome!! This book give us tips and instruction how to be an excellent tuition teacher!!

This book simple but sweet. Written by Sheikh Mustapha (late), for his lovely brother..our angkasawan negara. This biography show us step by step, how he looked his brother before and after becoming "angkasawan". Bonus for this book, a lot of pictures if sheikh muzaffar since young untill now. Huhuhu..nice to buy as your book collection...and my final book is...

Hehehe...want to learn chinese lang?? Thanks madam for this "useable " gift for me...hehehe...thanks...sei-sei....!!!

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