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Thursday, July 01, 2010

1st JULY

Hello, today I try to do something different..what??

I will write for my entry in English. It's ok, because actually I love to speak English!! Fuh, what the heck?? Today is 1st July. That's mean, I already worked in KL about 4 months. ANy progress?? Hmmm...just I can say that I visited 2 countries, 1st is Singapore and second is China. Next? Do know because I need wait from my management about my trip.

Actually, there are a lot of things I learned here. But, I do know, I still feel empty. Hahaha..sound like Click Five famous songs. Maybe, around two weeks ago, I faced a lot of trouble. That's make me cramp and ting-tong for 2 weeks!! And know, I still hoping and hoping...

Here, I faced many types of customers. Same with school, here I can make it comparison students and customers. Most of them want to travel but want cheaper!! Haiyaa..should think logic maa...its not easy to make one package, and as consultant, please noted that not all package are cheaper...Please think logic..logic..logic.......!! If you want to travel, you must noticed about your flight, hotel. transfer, makan-makan, entrance fee, guide....all of that need money!!

I also faced that customer "mengada-ngada" or we call annoying!! They think that everything can fullfilled. This customer...hmmm....I rather say no comment...

To be honest, sometime I fed-up to entertained customers..why?? Because I am human too..I also have feeling and I'm not robot. I also make mistake. What I can do is I can give the best service!! That's it!!!

Now, what the moment and hoping July is my brighter month esp in my career. Hopefully everything will be settled by this month...Fuh..i need a break, break,break..maybe holiday or balik kampung?? That's what I think now!!


Please remind, that is apart from my feeling..I'm not revert this entry to anyone..and, for those who in customer service market, you know what I feel...


Ji-Chan said...
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Ji-Chan said...

good try.. keep it up.

btw, dis is my new blog, update ye ur link, tq. -zamrie-

patungcendana said...

relax raja...jangan stress... :-)