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Saturday, February 05, 2011

whats going on in Jan 2011

Hello my fellow readers!

Where we are is already Feb 2011. Synonym with Love month, this month actually is the shorter month in a year. Yeargh..time is so fast, really make it possible to move and me? still looking and try to achieve several things in this year.

Oh yeah..what I want to write this time is to inform you what I have done and enjoyed during Jan 2011. Starting 2011 with something "gila-gila" ..

Bumbu Restaurant:-
Have u heard this restaurant? Actually it is Indonesian restaurant, located at The Curve , Damansara. I tried the meals and it is nice. The price is quite high maybe because the food is simply like combination of Javanese + Sunda + Minang food.

Try Singkong or Ayam Bumbu, together with Nasi ..hmm..very nice! I tried with my friends, because we went for karaoke...But overall price ( for 3 of us) about RM80...including water. Hmm...

Chinese New Year:-

This is rabbit fluffy! Love this animal!! It is seem really challenging for me to survive this year..oh, I do not want to talk about rabbit year..what I want to talk is about CNY Kam Cheng nite in Saloma Bistro! Pergh..I got free admission and representative my company, together with Yana and Anin ( colleague). What there? Got Ang Pow, Mandarin, food, peanuts. peopelle and one more things, London doll!!

I love Kak Vee performance. Normally I only heard him ermm Suria FM. But, now I saw her live! Frankly she is very beautiful! Love her style and performance!! Other than that, there are lucky draw, and of course I didnt get anything!!

Hehe..Gong Xi Fatt Chai ya to all readers!!

Gila-gila western!:-

So many shopping spot in Feb! Pergh..before CNY, many shop offered sales, last minute deal!
I can grab one sweater Giordano only RM50++. Really cheap what!! In one utama...hehe. But, I don't think now still have sale or not. Oh, one more thing if you want to try cheap western food, you can try Dave Delis in OU. It is near Jusco supermarket, beside chicken rice shop and Johnys.

Try their Chicken Chop or Spaghetti...really good! Oh, other that, you can try meat ball in Ikea. RM1 per ball, normally they sell RM5-RM15 per plate. Together with potato and its special sause. This is one of best meat ball that I had ate before. I ate one day before CNY, not many people so not many pening!

Karoke time:

Love Karok ( short form for Karaoke!)..if you love I only recommend 2 place in KL. First is Superstar Karaoke in Wangsa Walk. Located near LRT Sri Rampai, and this karok is really cheap. Majority is malay, and I think it is also owned by Malay. No alcohol served here. There are many rooms, but normally I took small room, price per room is RM18 per hour. Per hour dude, so it is cheap! You can but their mineral water or jug of water.

Songs mostly up to date, use new technology - touch screen, flat screen tv. Room can accomodate around 3-6 pax per time. Yearh!! But, please do not come during peak hours such as Sat nite / eve nite of public holiday except raya. Because you need to wait around 1 hour ++ before you can get your room. Normally I will rent around 3-4 hours...haha

Next, is Song Box Karok in E@Curve. Hmm..this is simple karok, but concept simply like in wangsa Walk. Location, near Cineleisure. Price? Range from RM20-RM80 per hour. It got package. But, sometime price can be more during public holiday / Sat + Sunday. I not really like this place, maybe because of the price. The standard room can consist only 2 person, and they are not allowed if we bring 3 persons there. Hmm..but it is still cheap compare to Neway or Red Box.


Let me story by easy to describe...

My office in TTDI..welcome!!

Kam Cheng nite- Saloma Bistro 26 Jan 2011

Bumbu Desa - great food, and price?? hehe

Restaurant at The Curve..

Lets makan ...!

Conclusion...let's enjoy our life! Thank god, if the people said that live in KL is difficult, I don't think, if we work hard, believe me..u can enjoy this KL Life! Dude...let's rock!!

P/S: plan to arrange own trip ...hehe

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